Astrology forecast (June 8-July 4): Venus transits Cancer

Venus, also known as “Shukra,” is personified as a teacher and a lover. When strong in the birth chart of a person, it gives affluence, pleasures, luxury, beauty, harmony, creativity, love, clarity, balance and sensuality. It also indicates inclination towards the fine arts, performing arts, healing arts, fashion, photography, architecture, romance and all things beautiful.


Astrology forecast (May 26-June 10): Mercury transits Taurus

Mercury is considered weak in degrees until May 30. This means it cannot protect or promote its significations. Be careful with stocks, business, computers, technology, communications and intellectual property. From June 2-10, 2018, Mercury will be closely conjunct with Sun in the sign of Taurus. Find out how this transit affects your sign.


An introduction to Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is thousands of years old; in fact, it was originally done in Sanskrit, which is the mother of all language. It predates Chinese, Egyptian and Western astrology. Let me guide you through the signs, terms and methods that define Vedic astrology.


A ParaYoga sequence for empowerment

This practice uses chanting, dynamic movement and a bandha to create a powerful energetic shift within so you feel more enlivened and more capable.


Christopher Raven, yoga musician

Everything works in harmony — a reflection of the life Christopher Raven has found. Not too long ago, though, this man was lost, known by another name: Chris Saub. For more than two decades, a pendulum swung back and forth between music and Christian ministry — or spirituality as he knows it today.

Healthy Living

The magic of mushrooms

“Mushrooms are packed with pure protein, have the ability to lower cholesterol, combat bad cholesterol, support heart health, and have a few if any calories,” said Andy Walke, Omaha-based mushroom farmer.

Transformative Travel

Transformative Travel: A warm welcome at Norway’s ice hotel

As I finished my drink, I realized that the highlight of this trip was not the reindeer feeding, snowmobiling or anticipation of aurora borealis sightings. There was something deeply inspiring, and it came from the understated and humble Norwegian people. In just the past few days, they had reinvigorated my faith in humanity.