Making the leap back into yoga

My journey with yoga started a few years ago. Initially, it was intended to help me cope with my anxiety and depression. Most recently, it’s been an amazing tool that…

Beginner's Yoga, Yoga

Starting a Yoga Journey: Getting in the habit

For some of us, yoga is a little too much like meditation. There’s not enough cardio, we aren’t fighting gravity to overcome heavy objects and there’s a lot of slow talk and heavy breathing. Making time to attend class, or even turn on 12 minutes of YouTube, seems like the last thing we should be doing in a world full of deadlines and commitments. We can’t spend our time doing nothing. We need bigger, better, faster, more….


Yoga on the prairie

On the morning of April 28, the sun is high over the patio at Cedar Rapids’ Indian Creek Nature Center, which is covered with unfurled yoga mats. Her back to the lush prairie, instructor Cassie Hammermeister leads poses and invites guests of the 25th annual “Women in Nature” retreat to join her and “let light shine on the dark places in [their bodies].”


Astrology forecast (June 8-July 4): Venus transits Cancer

Venus, also known as “Shukra,” is personified as a teacher and a lover. When strong in the birth chart of a person, it gives affluence, pleasures, luxury, beauty, harmony, creativity, love, clarity, balance and sensuality. It also indicates inclination towards the fine arts, performing arts, healing arts, fashion, photography, architecture, romance and all things beautiful.


Astrology forecast (May 26-June 10): Mercury transits Taurus

Mercury is considered weak in degrees until May 30. This means it cannot protect or promote its significations. Be careful with stocks, business, computers, technology, communications and intellectual property. From June 2-10, 2018, Mercury will be closely conjunct with Sun in the sign of Taurus. Find out how this transit affects your sign.


An introduction to Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is thousands of years old; in fact, it was originally done in Sanskrit, which is the mother of all language. It predates Chinese, Egyptian and Western astrology. Let me guide you through the signs, terms and methods that define Vedic astrology.