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Yoga & Business: Thinking (and bending) outside of the box

No event or product can replace the strength of a studio’s commitment to quality yoga instruction, but a little creativity can take your business to the next level of success. In an age where “boutique fitness” establishments are popping up left and right, yoga professionals are forced to find new ways to attract and retain students. These unusual settings and experiences can be an avenue to explore.

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Yes, gym rats — yoga is for you

My first 60-minute hot vinyasa class gave me the same “high” I got from running or cycling, without music blasting or an instructor shouting at me to “push through.” My heart rate rose, despite the minimal movement in my feet, and my muscles, every muscle in my body, ached for days. I realized that the assumptions I had made about yoga were unfounded and saw a glimpse of all the possibilities yoga offered. I was hooked.