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Pursuing creativity: Inspirational ventures on and off the mat

I was led to yoga many years ago, first as it was the “new” and “cool” thing to do at the time. But I’ve stuck with it over the years because it’s what centers and grounds me. When life gets hectic, I know that just by getting my mat, all that melts away, and all that matters is the here and now.


From dancer to yogi

Yoga is hard. Yoga is a discipline. Yoga is not like dance. Through yoga, I’ve been challenged and changed in ways I never thought possible.


Rekindling youthful energy with aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga is a form of yoga asana practice that utilizes hammocks suspended from the ceiling. It allows a practitioner to both strengthen and lengthen the body in ways you perhaps could not while being on the floor.


Making space: Yoga for creative flow

You may not paint, draw or make music, but you still need to nurture your creativity. In our modern, busy lives, we’re pressed for time due to countless errands, interruptions and jobs. We’re overstimulated by our handheld devices. It’s important to carve out space to follow our hearts. To be happy, we must express ourselves in a multitude of ways. To be balanced, we must feel fulfilled.


Ask the Teacher: How does yoga feed creativity?

A dedication to being present allows me to build upon potential, take chances, and shake loose notions of fear, failure, judgment, and a smothering preoccupation with perfection. My life, my practice, my art—they’re all entwined, fluid, and evolving passages. The destination may not always be clear, but the movement is always forward.

So we asked our teachers: How do you think yoga expands the potential of creative pursuits?

Healthy Living

Why yoga matters to gray matter

For a creative yogi, moving into artistic endeavors after practice may help access inspired brain space, which is freed from extraneous brain activity. The reason? The brains of people who practice yoga benefit biochemically during and after practice.


Off the Mat with Kate Connell Potts

As a private yoga teacher, deep listening is essential. Through my teaching practice, I’m regularly inquiring about my clients’ experiences and pivoting based on the physical and verbal feedback they provide.