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Christopher Raven, yoga musician

Everything works in harmony — a reflection of the life Christopher Raven has found. Not too long ago, though, this man was lost, known by another name: Chris Saub. For more than two decades, a pendulum swung back and forth between music and Christian ministry — or spirituality as he knows it today.

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Why we love crystals

Like the proverbial crow drawn to shiny objects, humans as a species have been intrigued by stones and crystals for centuries. From amulets and talismans carved out of mammoth ivory to modern-day excavated turquoise and emerald, our affinity for and curiosity surrounding the power of crystals is undeniable.


Pursuing creativity: Inspirational ventures on and off the mat

I was led to yoga many years ago, first as it was the “new” and “cool” thing to do at the time. But I’ve stuck with it over the years because it’s what centers and grounds me. When life gets hectic, I know that just by getting my mat, all that melts away, and all that matters is the here and now.


The magic of mantras with Fields of Yogis performer, Girish

“A mantra provides something unique: it first engages the poetic, the purely musical part of us, the metaphorical part, rather than the rational left brain,” says the Santa Cruz, California, resident. “At the same time, it is you putting forth your own sorts of wishes and intention-setting, you conceptualizing what your prayer is. You are bringing in the left brain’s focus of intentionality.”


Iowa Arts Council connects local artists to global market

Your vision has come to life. Now what? Find partners who can help you, such as the Iowa Arts Council. YogaIowa talks with Michael Morain, the communications manager for the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and a former arts reporter for The Des Moines Register.