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Starting a Yoga Journey: 6 first steps

So you’re ready to launch your yoga practice! Before you get overwhelmed by the many different kinds of yoga, spend a bunch of cash trying each studio, or worse, are turned off by a class that’s completely wrong for you, let’s take a beat and devise your perfect yoga path.

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The yoga challenge that wasn’t

I scheduled classes, I canceled most of them and I carried through in being a bad vegan. What I hadn’t been doing during this challenge was remembering that yoga is so much more than showing up on your mat. While that’s an important step, it’s likewise important to remember the tenets of yoga.

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Treating a herniated disc with yoga

Particular poses, when done carefully, can aid back pain sufferers and help prevent problems in the long run. If you’re embarking on the uphill climb toward recovery, here’s a few reasons why you might plan on starting a morning Sun Salutation (and how it may help you wake up pain-free).


Slow down and strengthen up with yin yoga

How you look in a pose, how your pose compares to the teacher’s or other students’ or even how you looked in it a year ago or a week ago is not important. Bring yourself fully into the present breath by breath, pose by pose. This is how you find union between your body and mind, yourself and the universal collective.

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Off the Mat: Amy Wheeler, yoga therapist

Now based in Southern California, she combines yoga tradition with modern psychology to provide therapy to top-tier athletes and patients battling cancer, chronic pain, high-blood pressure and mental illness.


Online resources for stay-at-home yogis

While the online format presents its own challenges and drawbacks—including the lack of actual human touch, which can’t be replaced virtually (yet) — video offerings are growing in quality and might represent the only way to get to some of the greats like Shiva Rea or Baron Baptiste, both of whom have free videos on YouTube.


From dancer to yogi

Yoga is hard. Yoga is a discipline. Yoga is not like dance. Through yoga, I’ve been challenged and changed in ways I never thought possible.