All about beach yoga: A sandy sequence with tips and tricks

After a long winter, summer is finally here! It’s time to take advantage of the warm summer breeze and the fresh air and take your yoga mat outside. If you’re near one of the many lakes in Iowa, or if you’re heading to a coastal destination for vacation, you may want to give beach yoga a try. Yoga in the sand may sound like a foreign concept, or perhaps even a little intimidating, but I’m here to offer a sequence as well as some tips and tricks for how to make your beach yoga session a successful one.


Informed teaching: Yoga for trauma

As a yoga practitioner turned instructor, I need no convincing of the positive effects that yoga can have on one’s physical, mental and emotional health. In my own yoga journey,…

Yoga & Business

Yoga & Business: Thinking (and bending) outside of the box

No event or product can replace the strength of a studio’s commitment to quality yoga instruction, but a little creativity can take your business to the next level of success. In an age where “boutique fitness” establishments are popping up left and right, yoga professionals are forced to find new ways to attract and retain students. These unusual settings and experiences can be an avenue to explore.

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Among the lakes and cornfields of northwest Iowa, a yoga community is blooming

There is a hotspot of yoga in the northwest Iowa town of Okoboji, with three yoga studios nearly stacked on top of each other, relatively speaking — they’re within a 50-mile radius. These include Yoga Okoboji, The Studio Yoga and Barre in Okoboji and The Studio’s second location in Spencer, a town about 20 miles south. You have to travel as far east as Algona, as far south as La Mars or across state lines to Worthington, Minnesota to encounter any other yoga studios. But as I said, yoga is happening.

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Transformative Travel: A yoga therapy journey through India

As a yoga teacher and practicing yoga therapist, it has long been on my bucket list to travel to India. While India’s history is colorful, long and rich, I knew I wasn’t looking for the standard sightseeing experience. My purpose in traveling there was to experience yoga therapy through an Eastern lens.