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Ask the Teacher: How does yoga feed creativity?

A dedication to being present allows me to build upon potential, take chances, and shake loose notions of fear, failure, judgment, and a smothering preoccupation with perfection. My life, my practice, my art—they’re all entwined, fluid, and evolving passages. The destination may not always be clear, but the movement is always forward.

So we asked our teachers: How do you think yoga expands the potential of creative pursuits?

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Ask the Teacher: Are you a peacenik, an activist, neither, or both? Why?

In myriad conversations with yoga teachers, I continue to learn the power of individual action, and what it represents during the sea change of local, national, and world issues. But this power can be subtle, and to respect an individual is to respect his or her course of action, or even non-action. […]

So we asked our teachers:

“Are you a peacenik, an activist, neither, or both? Why?”