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Treating a herniated disc with yoga

Particular poses, when done carefully, can aid back pain sufferers and help prevent problems in the long run. If you’re embarking on the uphill climb toward recovery, here’s a few reasons why you might plan on starting a morning Sun Salutation (and how it may help you wake up pain-free).

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Healthful recipes for your next potluck

In the season of potlucks and holiday parties, you can only eat so many sugar cookies and potato casseroles before you start to feel blah. Try these easy, healthy recipes and spice up your next work or family function — or just keep them for yourself.

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Tap into your creative spirit with Ayurveda and meditation

The practice of Ayurveda creates balance for each of us in a unique way. It has the potential to revitalize your entire nervous system, leading to increased creativity, greater efficiency, success, and satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

Here are five simple ways to add Ayurveda into your life and tap into your creativity.

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Creativity: natural gift or cultivated mindset?

I’m a writer. The voices originate within a colorful, swirling imagination filled with different people, places, and things. As an artist, I might be considered more of a right-brained thinker — the typical association with creative pursuits. If I had paid closer attention in math classes, perhaps I’d be an engineer and thus, more of a left-brained thinker — the standard link to analytical activity. Extensive research indicates the two hemispheres process information differently.

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Why yoga matters to gray matter

For a creative yogi, moving into artistic endeavors after practice may help access inspired brain space, which is freed from extraneous brain activity. The reason? The brains of people who practice yoga benefit biochemically during and after practice.

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Peaceful Paths

As a universal divine space, it doesn’t have the usual boundaries of faith, culture, or tradition: it’s open to everyone, and provides a unique experience for each individual.